Country Club Solutions for Addiction


Country Club Solutions for Addiction

When looking online at all the different recovery programs out there, you may just shake your head in disbelief at some of the stuff that tries to pass itself off as actually helping with recovery. 


Here is a short list:

  • Aromatherapy (yes, just lighting a candle under some scented oil)
  • Equine therapy (riding horses)
  • Surfing therapy (hang ten)
  • Swedish massage (now we're talking)
  • Deep tissue massage (for those stubborn addictions)
  • Bio-feedback device (sounds like Scientology)


And the list goes on and on. The problem with the list is it sounds more like a menu from a day spa than it does a list of serious treatments to help a desperate man break free from his addictive enslavement. 


We all know when we look at this list, that it will not help us find freedom. It sounds like a vacation. But if a vacation really was the secret, we would have taken it years ago and we would be fine now. Whenever the urge comes back a bit, just book a cruise and relax your troubles away. However, we know this does not work.


Some people, who find themselves with complete dependence on drugs and alcohol just to make it through the day, are desperate enough that they will try anything. We simply cannot fathom that companies and individuals would present this kind of treatment plan with straight faces to people desperate for help and recovery that will last. 


Your problems will not be massaged away. Your issues will not disappear when the surf is up. Who does not like a horse ride, but who here really thinks a horse can take away your desire for a drink? 


Stop buying into this. At AIM, we take your addiction seriously. We know how hard it was to admit you needed help. We understand how difficult the first few steps are. We know that there are days in recovery that just suck. You need a partner to walk with you, not a masseuse. You need a wise counselor and a staff dedicated to doing whatever they can to help you get free from drugs and begin to step into a life of true freedom and success. That is what we do at AIM. And we have no horses on our staff.


Oh, we do use nice smelling aromas in our building... Why? Because we like to smell nice things. 

Exchange addiction for FREEDOM | That's Possible!

Everything we do here is to help you become more than you thought possible.
We want you to achieve your God given potential…the best version of YOU!




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