Story from the Past


Dr. White's Story from the Past

Dr. White tells a story from an NA meeting he attended, where every person who shared that night made mention of their childhood sexual abuse. You might have got the idea that every person in NA had been violated at some point in their life. In fact, he was wondering that himself. So, right after the meeting, he went up to the leader of the meeting, and quietly asked them, "how often do you think an addict has been sexually abused." Instead of answering Dr. White, he loudly shouted to the disbursing crowd, "Hey there, I've got a question... how many of you were sexually abused as a kid?" Dr. White could not believe the cavalier way he was asking such a sensitive question, but with hardly a moment passing, every person in the room raised their hand or somehow acknowledged this horrible truth. 


Now that in no way represents scientific proof of a direct correlation between addiction and abuse, but what it did for Dr. White that night, was make him realize more deeply than ever before, that there are many, many people out there who have survived horrible things. Some have endured crimes against their bodies and their souls. Others have been exposed to the worst possible environments and were set up for a life of sorrow long before they were even making their own life decisions. 


You cannot create a great future if the past still haunts you. Your addiction might simply be a coping mechanism for the tragedies you have experienced. At AIM we will help you to thoroughly address these huge life hurts in a healthy and restorative way, and bring deep healing to your soul so that you can experience freedom. You will not forget what happened, but the power it has over your life can be completely dismantled. It can become just an interesting part of your past that you can talk about or not if you choose to; but it will never roar at you again, it will never wake you up in a state of intense fear, it will never make you dizzy or nauseous just because someone says the wrong thing, or you smell the wrong scent in a store. A life of freedom means a life free from the bondage of the past. Having the freedom to focus on the present and the future you are building for yourself. 

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