Good Plans for the Future


Good Plans for the Future

Many recovery centers are good at keeping their clients away from their drug of choice while staying at the recovery facility. However, as soon as they leave the building, they find themselves immediately tempted to go right back to their old lifestyle. 


To avoid this possible immediate relapse, which is far too common in the recovery world, you need a good plan. You need to have thought out all the important facets of your life after graduation. At AIM we consider this plan to be as important as the difficult job of getting off of the drugs to begin with. We have a second set of specialized life counselors who help you work through all the details of your customized plan for your future. They help you get all the needed resources, and they must approve of your plan before you can graduate. We want you to succeed long term, not just make it to graduation. Your plan will become your step-by-step guide to eventually reaching your life goals and purpose. Do not worry, we know how to help you create a great plan that takes into consideration all of your personal passions. 

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