Plan for Addiction Freedom


To Succeed We Have To Have A Plan, WE HAVE THAT PLAN.

You will not be wasting your time here at AIM recovery. We are serious about your recovery and success in life, and will spend tireless hours 7 days a week to get you the help you need. If you are serious about changing your life, and you do your part, you will find success. No recovery center will work harder to help you, and no recovery center will expect more from you. You will come here to work, not sit around and be bored or indulged. We do not intend to "massage your troubles away" and pamper you into sobriety. That just doesn't work. We are fanatically focused on doing what works. We will spend 120 days together turning you into a new man. You will walk out of here proud of what and who you have become. And you will be ready to live an addiction free life.

We know what causes addiction. We know exactly what happens in the brain. We understand that for many, the drug has taken over. There is no more Choice. We will help you regain the ability to choose again. We will usher you toward freedom. You will be able to make good choices, healthy choices, moral choices. You will be able to experience a life of freedom. Freedom to become who and what you want to be. 

We propose to live a life free from all addictions...

Free from outside substances that effect internal changes in our body, mind, and emotions. These outside substances are used as artificial and external coping mechanisms. We intend to be equipped with the skills to manage our emotions, our reactions to external circumstances, and our mental health.

Exchange addiction for FREEDOM | That's Possible!

Everything we do here is to help you become more than you thought possible.
We want you to achieve your God given potential…the best version of YOU!




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