We work with you so your freedom is never lost.

Wrong thinking causes relapse.
You will develop a new philosophy of life, a new world view, a new set of values, and new plans for your life through daily spiritual classes that show you how to create a kind of thinking and acting that will support a life free from addiction and empower you to pursue your true purpose in life and become what you were created to be.

The past can cause relapse.
You will spend time working on your life hurts, triggers, anger, pain, and fears through daily group therapy sessions and weekly private counseling sessions, so that you can be free to focus on the present and not controlled by the past.

Family issues can cause relapse.
So we have a program to reconcile families and heal relational wounds. This program requires the participation of the family and is therefore an opportunity that not everyone can participate in. You can be successful with or without a family, because we intend to become your family. But, where possible, reconciliation is always our hope.

Selfishness causes relapse.
You will be shown how to have a life of selfless living and generosity that causes you to experience joy and peace as you live your life. This is accomplished through a carefully created hands on emersion into disaster relief, helping those in great need, doing things for others that they can't do themselves, and speaking to the next generation on the pitfalls of addiction. This program will allow you to change the lives of others while you are working on changing your own life.

Isolation causes relapse.
You will experience integration into a supportive and encouraging community of like minded people on their own journey of discovering how to live a life of freedom and choice. This special church will accept you and welcome you as you chart your own journey. Some at the recovery center have said, "it is the first time in my life I've felt accepted by a normal part of society."

Boredom causes relapse.
Here you will learn new ways of filling your time. You will learn to cook, host parties, play games, develop hobbies, and have fun without the aid of addictive substances.

Exchange addiction for FREEDOM | That's Possible!

Everything we do here is to help you become more than you thought possible.
We want you to achieve your God given potential…the best version of YOU!




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