Addiction Services We Provide


Chemical dependency counseling:

Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Counseling.

Psychoeducational Groups:

Chemical Dependency, Education Life Skills, and Relapse Prevention.


Integrative, Emotionally, Focused Mindfulness-Based, Trauma-informed, Attachment-based, Person-Centered, Solution Focused, Strength-based, Somatic, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Therapies, and Motivational Interviewing.

You need a good plan and the right resources to be successful.

You will be thoroughly prepared for your new life of freedom when you graduate. We have amassed a great set of life management tools, so that when you rejoin the outside world, you will be more prepared than ever to not just survive but thrive. 

We at AIM understand that if you go through the difficulty of freeing yourself from addiction, you simply must be rewarded by being able to build a great wholesome life for yourself. You will have a private life counselor who will help you get all that you need to get you started on the road to long term success.

You will need support and encouragement after you graduate. We have 3 tiers of help depending on your needs. You can pick what is best for you, and have the freedom to change your level as your needs change. 

Exchange addiction for FREEDOM | That's Possible!

Everything we do here is to help you become more than you thought possible.
We want you to achieve your God given potential…the best version of YOU!




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