Boredom and Addiction


Boredom & Addiction

Most addicts and alcoholics love the fast pace of their lives. In the early stages of sobriety, many of these people talk about how bored they are with the slow pace of their lives now that they don't have drugs at the center of it. Nearly every time these words are spoken, relapse is near. 

Dr. White tells a story from when he was in high school. He had invited his niece, who was only 3 months younger, to a church youth group party, and she reluctantly agreed. he cannot remember what they did that evening, but whatever it was, she had fun...a lot of fun. On the way home from the event, she told him the only words from that event that he can remember...and words that he will not soon forget. She said, "I never knew you could have so much fun without drugs." 

She was in high school but had already learned in her young life that without drugs...there is no fun. 

Sobriety is not a sentence to boredom. And when it becomes that, look out! Relapse is around the corner. Instead, you must learn some new social skills. You have to learn how to throw a party that isn't centered around alcohol. 

At AIM, you will be taught how to navigate these important issues so that when you go back out into the world, you are armed with the tools you need to create plenty of fun for yourself and those around you. 

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