Family and Addiction


Family & Addiction

Some of you are going to relapse because of your family. If you do not rebuild the family your addiction has damaged, you will not maintain the sobriety you fought so hard to get. Let us help heal the family hurts and help you become the man your family deserves. You can achieve that strong family, with a great husband and dad, that you have always wanted. AIM can help you do it. 

For some of you, you have moved further down than just a damaged family. Your family has been destroyed. At AIM we will carefully and compassionately walk with you through these tough waters to see if there is the hopeful possibility of future reconciliation and restoration. You might be surprised at just how much hope there truly is in what seems like a hopeless situation. 

For a few, the family you once had, has been lost. This is a huge life loss that must be grieved and resolved. At AIM, we want to get you to a place where you are able and ready to move into creating a new great family for yourself or devoting yourself fully to helping others in a life purpose capacity. 

Some of you were fortunate enough to deal with your addiction before you started a family. For you, we want to make sure that you are set up for a successful thriving family in your future. We might have to develop new ideas of successful parenting and marriage; we might even need to teach you some missing but crucial skills that help create strong marriages and parenting skills. Regardless of your needs in this area, we will be here to help you. 

Some of you built your marriage and family around your addiction. The purpose of your family was to assist you in your addiction. Now that you have moved beyond addiction, the family you developed has become poison to you. It will not help you get to where you now want to be. This is the toughest and saddest of scenarios. Some find that they must choose between their family and their freedom, for they cannot have both. This is, of course, a last resort conclusion. We hope this never happens, but it does happen. There are toxic families, toxic partners, toxic parents, toxic friends even, who simply will not allow you to exist in a sober state for any length of time. At AIM, if you find yourself in that position, we will help you through every step of the way and make sure that every possible alternative has been exhausted. 

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