Success Rate of Most Recovery Centers


5% Success Rate

The success rate of most recovery centers is 5%. No matter how much these places cost, the success rate seems to be around 5%. Regardless of the length of the program, the success rate is often frozen at a mere 5%. Faith-based programs also have only around 5% success. 12 step-based programs once again have about a 5% success rate (and they also happen to be charging you a lot of money for a system of recovery you could get for free by attending AA meetings). The medical model, which usually is the most expensive, also has low success rates around 5%. 


Are you okay with a 5% chance of beating the addiction in your life? We, at AIM, sure hope not!


Some places manipulate their statistics and redefine what success means, Dr. White would define a success rate as the percentage of people who are living free from drugs and alcohol 2 years after graduating a program. Failure would include those who relapse after graduation and those who drop out of the program before graduation. 


It is expected that even the best places will be far from a 100% success rate, but 5%? That is just ridiculous. Dr. White states that he would want to see at least a 50% success rate. 


Relapse is a complicated issue. Many things contribute to a return to your former addiction. But to start out with a 95% chance of failure from the start is just too much to overcome. 


At AIM, we do not hold ourselves to a 5% standard. You will partner with us and we will attack the problems head-on and from every angle possible. If you experience the freedom you seek, you will not be alone, you will be part of the norm around here. Say goodbye to 5% and hello to your AIM... an AIM to live a life of freedom. 

work cited

The 5% represents the success rate of substance abuse Clients from various rehabilitation type programs who completed their prescribed program and remained sober and clean for two contiguous years thereafter. Clients self-reported their status to their respective treatment centers post program completion. The average success rate amongst these programs is 5%, with a range of 2% to 10%. Note that when stratified by program types (i.e. 12-Step, faith based, or medical models), the success rates did not vary significantly. These statistics do not include centers that offered no answer. Various statistics of high percentages of success of other programs were taken from web sites, and then verified through a phone call to ascertain their definition of success. states that 30% of residential treatment center clients remain sober 6 months. Up to 60% of those relapse by year This means 12% make it 1 year. They then claim a small fraction of those that make it 1 year, make what they define as long term sobriety. This is suggestive of a percentage significantly less than 12% that make it longer than 2 years. suggests that recovery centers are 40% more effective than no treatment for alcoholism. A close review of their statistics reveals that this is not the same as saying they have a 40% success rate. Instead it actually means that there is a small percentage of people for whom alcoholism just goes away on its own with no treatment. This small group who report self healing is 40% more likely to fall back into addiction than those who complete their program of treatment.  


Statistics in this field can be highly manipulated to give false impressions. As the previous examples attest. You really have to look at the details to see how the numbers are being used, and what they actually mean. says 85% of those completing programs for drug abuse stay sober for 1 year. Earlier in their report they also say that half don't finish the programs. So that means of those entering treatment, 7% make it 1 year of sobriety, with additional people falling off in year 2.

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