Isolation and Addiction


Isolation & Addiction

There are true hermits in our world. People completely content to live out their lives in total isolation. Individuals who at every turn, would choose to avoid interaction with others. But find a hermit alcoholic or a recluse drug addict. If you do find one, they are in the very last stages of their addiction, and their isolation is not because of desire, but a consequence of their chosen behaviors. 

The alcoholic and addict are social people. In fact, they may possess a larger than average need for the company of others. For some, it is a desire for deep interaction with a very small circle. For others, it is the company of as many people as possible. The truth is that there are enough people out there for you to find a group of people who enjoy the exact same things you do. And, unfortunately, for the addict and alcoholic it is far too easy to find yourself attracted to people who will reinforce your addiction. This can seem like a win/win situation. The problem is that these co-dependent people are literally carrying you to your death. They may not realize or care that their support and social connection around your addiction is making it so amazingly easy to stay wrapped up in your addiction; and that there is little hope of you shedding the lifestyle from which you so desperately seek escape while still in their company.

So, when an addict finally takes the courageous steps of moving away from addiction, they find out a painful truth. Sometimes, you cannot take your social circle with you. It can feel like you have to start your life over, with a whole new set of friends and interactions... which is true. This bold decision, though an integral part of recovery for many, can lead to another problem that must be addressed: Isolation. 

At a certain point in the recovery process, you may find yourself having shed the bad company of the past; but notice that you do not yet have the good company established to replace it. It is here that AA and NA step in to provide supportive environments where you can hear stories of other people's struggles and successes. This is very encouraging, and for most, it is a necessary step in the recovery maintenance process. However, this is not the ending point. You do not just need the company of others who are dealing with fighting their addiction to alcohol and drugs. If your only source of support comes from that small tight-knit community, you will become increasingly isolated from the greater world. There are so many AA people, who feel completely addicted to AA meetings to continue in their sobriety. They just know in their heart that if they were to miss more than a day or two of meetings, they would relapse. This is not a healthy, happy life. It is a life of fear and isolation. It is as if you are sentencing yourself to an island prison for the rest of your life, where you don't get to hang out with normal people anymore because of your past sins.

Instead, your long-term sobriety and recovery maintenance must include a growing circle of people. This might start with other alcoholics and addicts, but then it should expand to people who have committed themselves to not living their life with any addictive behaviors of any kind. They do not want to simply trade one addiction for a different addiction. For instance, you will often see that at every Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as you part the sea of cigarette smoke to enter the building where the meeting is being held. These people have just traded Jack Daniels for Marlborough. And in that odd but common trade, they go from an addiction to a highly dangerous and deadly drink to an even more deadly and even more addictive substance. 

No, you must find some people to put into your inner circle who want to live free lives. Lives where no external source controls you. Lives independent from anything that you simply must have to feel O.K. 

At AIM, we create this kind of environment and cultivate this way of life, not only for you but for many others around you. And then we expand that belief system into a larger body of people in a local but very unusual little church. This church is filled with people who want to live their lives at all levels, with no addictions. They want to experience the freedom to become who they want to be, who God designed them to be, a person of high earthly value. 

At AIM, you can become more than you think is possible. You can be free, truly free. Join us and move from isolation to a life connected to the greatest group of people you could ever have the privilege of knowing. And, one day you will be numbered in that group that others will be privileged to know. 

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