Selfishness and Addiction


Selfishness & Addiction

Let's face it, an alcoholic and an addict live a selfish life. Their life is about 2 things: themselves and their drug of choice. So, it's easy to see that a sober person, choosing to live a selfish life, is halfway down the road to relapse.

Alcoholics Anonymous has a remedy for this. They say, "get a sponsor, get a sponsee." The idea is that a person with just a few weeks or months of sobriety under their belt needs to learn to help others. The answer is to help another drunk get sober. This is their model. 

From the first exposer to this model, it seems to be a bad idea. Actually, it is a wonderful idea with the worst possible application. When looking at the AA model it can be seen that a person, barely sober themselves, is challenged to live a life of helping others. This is a completely wonderful idea and can help people avoid relapse. But their plan is then to partner you up with another person who is also an alcoholic. Statistically, that person you have just been yoked with has a 50% or greater chance of relapse. So, your first experience in helping others has at least a 50% chance of failure. 

Can you imagine intentionally hiring an employee and putting them in a position where they had over a 50% chance of getting fired in a few months? Would you want to sign up for a job like that? Oh, and this person you are helping, may make it or relapse to some degree because of the advice, encouragement, and general wisdom you possess and provide them with from your 3 weeks of sobriety!

This is a horrible idea for an introduction into developing a helping lifestyle, a life of selflessness and altruism.

So, at AIM, we have developed a strategy for teaching you how to live a helping lifestyle. You will be successful from the very first step. No one will be relapsing under your watch. We will take you through appropriate steps, growing you into a person who can choose to help a wide variety of people. You could eventually choose to go back and serve the addiction community or move into other areas where your passions may grow. You see, if you are truly free, then you are free to choose how you express your generosity and to whom you express it. The journey of self-discovery and finding your true purpose and calling will be exciting arrival points in the new life you create for yourself. So, join us at AIM, and let us walk with you down this path. You will not regret it. 

work cited describes the clear intent of the organization to facilitate getting a sponsor immediately, and becoming a sponsor as soon as possible.

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