Wrong Thinking and Addiction


Wrong Thinking & Addiction

One time Dr. White met a man that had just quit his job. He was quite upset. Dr. White asked him what happened, and he said that the company wanted him to work for 2 weeks before they started paying him. As he talked further, it was clear that he had misunderstood what was going on. Dr. White tried to explain to him that it is common for people to work for 2 weeks or even a month before they get their first paycheck, which pays them for the work they have done over that first period of time. His response was to say that he had no intention of working for free for 2 weeks before he was paid. Although Dr. White tried to reason with him, his world view would not allow him to handle the new truth in his life. His experience of work was that you get paid at the end of each day, or at the end of the week. He had never been paid for a longer period at one time. 


Dr. White was extremely sad for him. This was the best job he ever had, and he quit it because he simply could not understand a new way of being paid. 


The world of addiction can be like this for some. You experience a lifetime of things working a certain way, with certain rules, and requiring certain skills. When you attempt to move out of the world of addiction you can find that your worldview is no longer an aid to you in navigating what might feel like a completely new reality. You need to migrate to a new world view, and transition to a new philosophy of life. You may need to acquire a new set of skills or revamp your prior knowledge and skills to a new purpose. You must learn a new set of rules and a new way of acting. 


If you make these changes, you will be equipped for long term sobriety and success in your new life. If you do not make these changes in your thinking, you will become more and more frustrated and become increasingly tempted to return to the world you have spent your former life learning about. A new life needs a new outlook on life, new plans, new values, and a new purpose. At AIM, we help you develop a new way of thinking and make sure you are mentally prepared for your life of freedom. 

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